The main specializations are:

 Hot rental of self-propelled cranes and forklifts;

 Stocking warehouse and handling of goods at our premises;

Owned pilot cars with trained personnel;

 Authorized company registered to the National Board of Waste Disposal;

 Safety compliance according to the Italian Law 81/08.

Our mission is:

  To ensure the Customer’s highest satisfaction in terms of quality service;

 To offer the best solution as far as costs, performance and safety are concerned;

  To secure the cargo, once loaded, with the utmost care and to put in place any strapping or sheeting when required;

  To constantly inform the Customer about the position and the estimated time of delivery of the goods thanks to our on-board GPS tracking;

  A careful technological modernization of our fleet in order to always offer top solutions of transport and handling, always focused on the safety of cargo and operators.